World Challenge Pontiac GTO

[ Race Car / Touring / Sports ]

Full Cars Worth of molds for making all body panels.
(3) World Challenge Spec Motors
(2) T56 gearboxes
(1) Ford 9 inch rear end, – fresh rebuild
(2) Seats of taillights
(1) set of headlights
(8) shocks w/ springs (2 cars worth)
Front Subframe
Rear Subframe
Fuel Rail with injectors
Steering Rack
Misc body work latches/handles
Windshield washer fluid reservoir
(2) Heat Exchanger
Gurney Lips
Misc 2 way toggle switches
1 cars worth of headers, down pipe & mid pipe
(4) axles (1 new 3 used)
1 axle shaft with one end having tripod
2 steering racks with inner tie rods
1 bare steering rack
2 front impact bars
(4) bumper grill
(2) left bumper grill
(1) right bumper grill
1 LR brake duct
1 RR brake brake duct
1 Bellhousing
1 valve cover set
1 sway bar
1 used radiator
Gasket kits & gasket makers
2 oil/grease seals
3 electric fuel pump
2 Heat exchanger – 4 way
Power steering pump
Black wings air filter
Super damper crank pully
Cabin air pump fan
6M trans mount
Tilton Throw out bearing (62-676)
1 set of wipers
(5) Hood pins
Tow hook
Nylon Mounting Rods
(2) O2 Sensors
Oil cooler
Inner Tie Rod
Radiator Fan
Battery Bracket
(3) front splitter supports
Pushrod with rod ends
(2) rear uprights
MAP Sensors – used
Rear cooler fan with shrout
Misc cooling pipes and hoses
Sway bar brackets/links
Misc O-Rings & Gaskets
Rear wheel speed and shock harness
Motec download cable
(2) Head lamp bulbs
(5) White light bulbs
(2) Yellow Light bulbs
Perko master switch
(18) bosch spark plugs
(5) crank sensors
Water Temp Sensor
(3) MAP sensors (2 used 1 new)
Exhaus temp sensor
TPS sensor – used
(2) Rear Light harness
(5) Green shift lift indicators
(1) red shift lift indicators
(3) back up light switch
(3) spark coils
(4) single wire connector
(2) Cam Sensors
(24) fuel in jectors
Motec Can cable
Motec Harness
Motec MAP pigtail
Oil PSI Pigtail
Motec USB cable
Motec Sync ext pigtail
(6) toggle switch
(3) throttle cables