Radical SR8 RX (Less than 5 Hours!)

[ Race Car / Prototype ]

This 2012 Radical SR8 RX is powered by a 2.7-liter RPX V8 paired with a six speed sequential transaxle. Features include fiberglass bodywork finished in white, an adjustable rear wing, roll bar, an Aim MXL digital dashboard, and updated steering wheel. The car was acquired by the seller in 2019, and subsequent work included engine rebuild, gearbox rebuild, and a replacement fuel cell as well as suspension and braking components. This Radical is now offered in Texas with a bill of sale including four spare wheels and detailed service records. This SR8 is built using a carbon steel space frame, and this car’s fiberglass bodywork is finished in white. Equipment includes an adjustable rear wing, a roll bar, front splitter, a rear diffuser, side splitters, and front and rear two loops, carbon-fiber canards, and carbon-fiber side mirrors. Grey-painted center-lock wheels measure 15″ in diameter up front and 16″ out back, and they are mounted with Hankook Ventus Racing slick tires. The fully adjustable suspension utilizes intrax adjustable coilovers at all four corners. Braking is provided by slotted discs with cockpit-adjustable bias between the front and rear. An additional set of wheels is included in the sale along with shipping boxes. Service in 2020 included rebuilding the dampers as well as replacing the brake rotor assemblies and axle seals. The cockpit features a carbon-fiber bucket seat (with removable red material to prevent sliding on the carbon) with Schroth harnesses and Radical-branded headrests. Features include a fire suppresion system, an electrical cutout switch, and an Aim SmartyCam with GPS. The steering wheel is equipped with an AIM display as well as shift paddles, and it is mounted on a quick release hub. The centerally mounted Aim MXL digital display includes a 10k-rpm bar-style tachometer and readouts for speed, coolant temperature, oil pressure, and lap time. The RPE-built 2.7-liter RPX V8 is paired with a six-speed sequential gearbox, and the combination only has been used for 5 hours with the gearbox only containing one break in session of 15 minutes. The engine rebuild was performed by Radical Performance Engines in the UK including brake fluid flush, gearbox oil change, servicing of the fuel injectors, and replacement of the fuel cell, oil cooler, and gearbox bearings and ring and pinion. Documentation accompanying the car will include service invoices and prior purchase records.