LS3 Swapped Porsche 996 Race Car

[ Race Car / Touring / Sports ]

LS3 engine power – 425 BHP, dry sump
18 hours on engine – 9 at low speed operation
Car weight: 2600 lbs (no driver)
Porsche 6 speed manual transmission
Brembo / Porsche brakes
18” BBS Racing Wheels – 1 set
Getty Design FRP bodywork
New Racetech 5 point seat belts
Fire suppression system – internal/external actuated
Electrical shut off emergency – external actuated
New 3M wrap, no paint underneath
Decals easily removed
Momo steering wheel

1 set of Hoosier DOT tires – all new unmounted – 17”
1 set of Hoosier slicks mounted now – good for about eight to ten more twenty minute heats.

Racelogic data logger
Flatbed trailer with new tires in excellent condition, with ramps, tie down belts.
Quick Jack hydraulic lift for wheels-off garage storage / maintenance

Reason for selling:
No time for fun for the next few years and this car should not be a garage queen.

Pertinent Information:
California Porsche Owners Club Racer (POC) – meets all current tech requirements (but you will soon need a new driver’s seat to maintain spec – currently Sparco). Passenger seat is Recaro also with new belts.

No headlights (but has wiring harness) so night racing would require a change out.

Racing class in POC is GT2 – can out accelerate most current Porsche GT3 paddle shift racers. The rest is up to you.

Never a street car, this conversion to Chevrolet power with suspension/braking improvements developed and installed personally by Formula 1 drift champion Michael Essa at his shop in Anaheim, CA. This is not a quick and dirty street conversion set up.

Car is well balanced, ‘neutral’ Porsche steering, a blast to drive. It has great road stick, with very forgiving feedback and plenty of notice to correct. Difference in DOT to slicks is 10% less in tight turns or under hard braking. Tires are not worn down in a weekend.

The increased horsepower and table level torque curve allows for less shifting, which is easier on the transmission and the driver. Comes on the cam at 3000 rpm and on up to 5800 – smooth and very powerful without being squirmy. Using 110 octane fuel for best performance. Oil change is every 4 hours using Lucas racing oil – simple to do.

About 8 mpg on track at speed. 15 gallon tank.

The car is loud (no room for muffler) so you can’t race at Laguna Seca. But good for almost all other tracks in California. It loves a fast track.

Negatives: Track days with temps in mid- 90’s upward limit sessions to 15 minutes due to heating which I keep below 250 F. Cools off in an hour for another run. AutoClubSpeedway event was at 125F – driver overheated before car did