BMW M3 E93 Eurofighter VR38!

[ Race Car / Drift ]

BMW M3 e92  originally M3 chassis prepared fully by HGK motorsport without engine.

– VR38 engine fully built by Level performance with all new parts inside (custom heads, block, forged pistons, camshafts, rods, headers etc)

– carbon/kevlar full body kit by HGK

– Dailey Engineering dry sump system

– 2x Garret g25

– Motorsport wiring, MoTec PDMs, screen, ECU

– Radium tank and lines etc.

– Samsonas sequential

– Winters differential

– Wisefab suspension & steering

– Feal coilovers

–  FIA HKG roll cage

–  Car is brand new fully build for personal use to compete in top championships around the world. No other project in the world in this spec. All parts and craftsmanship are top branded available on the market. 3 years of building.