2017 Radical RXC 600R spyder- Twin Turbo v6

[ Race Car / Prototype ]

RXC 600R spyder is Radicals top-tier racecar offering. The ‘600R spyder’ designations means a significant weight savings and more visceral open cockpit design than its very capable little brother. Car is powered with the Ford Eco-Boost twin turbo motor mated to the Quaife/RPE paddle shifted sequential. Receipts for 12k of transmission service from Radical NW on hand that was done less than 1 hour of running ago.

The motor is dry-sumped from Radical and has been refreshed with a brand new pump belt, accessory belt and fresh Motul oil change. Oil tank and includes a oil heater attached to the tank with the plug run conveniently into the cabin. The separate RXC oil level tool will be included in the sale. Electronics are handled by a LIFE racing ECU in a full motorsports booted and sealed loom. The road based motor means plenty of reliable power without the short rebuild times required by the v8 or motorcycle powered derivations. This RXC 600R comes with a full AIM suite of onboard and logging info through a Radical/AIM 9 inch color screen with warning lights and customizable page layouts. Also wired in is a camera set to record automatically video with data overlay for pressures, temps, G forces, laptimes, etc.
Cockpit also features carbon fiber dash board, carbon fiber seats and a solid-state master kill button and storage breaker. adjustable brake bias knob and adjustable EPS power steering knob to dial in your perfect feel. 3 steering wheel adjustable drivemodes allow you to dial in power and engine tq on the fly. Cockpit also comes wired for driver/passenger communications. external trickle charger, and data downloading ports.

Exterior features the optional high downforce canards with feather weight optional headlight deletes. (headlights, covers and harnesses will also be included in sale) the rear has as an adjustable carbon dual element wing with milled aluminum uprights that land on top of the transmission for instantaneous downforce at the wheels. Car has fuel fillers on both the left and right sides of the vehicle so your team can refill you in a clockwise or counter-clockwise pitlane. New front splitter and skid pucks at the front. Air lift wand provision out back for when you decide to add airjacks.

Car has been dry ice cleaned to a sparkling finish- corner balanced and aligned, fluid checked and is ready for its new owner. Please email me with any question and ill be happy to answer and get the potential new owner up to speed.