2011 Riley GS GTS Camaro

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 World Challenge Riley GS GTS Camaro

This is an amazing car with a ton of venues in which it can race competitively and reliably.

The thing handles like a dream. Eats up curbs. Lays down some 480HP with a square power curve coming out of turns.

 2011 Riley Technologies Camaro GS.R GTS
 Fully race prepped for Grand Am racing; never raced in Grand Am;
 Seam welded ,vastly improved chassis;
 Motec dash and Power Distribution Module; Bosch MS4.3 ECU, MS4 ABS and Data logging;
 AST adjustable shocks; custom tuned;
 OS Giken custom differential
 CCW lightweight racing wheels
 Cronin-prepped LS3 6.2l
 2012 gearing 6spd transmission
 This car was $250,000 new from Riley for the Grand Am teams before development.  It was built to be Riley’s in house car for their in house team and thus has the best of everything!
 Handles like a dream with huge power and torque; Compared to most other race cars, it’s an easy car to drive and race; Safe reliable and affordable to maintain.
 Spares Package Available Including engine and set of wheels. Many other parts also can be discussed