2006 Cayman S- GT4 Class by Vali Motorsports

[ Race Car / Touring / Sports ]

4.0L 911 engine with steel sleeves, cup car rod bearings, Carrillo rods, deep sump, accu sump, big oil cooler, computer tuned, Getrage gear box with short gears and Guard LSD, trans cooler, race clutch, aluminum flywheel, gt3 brake booster, gt3 master cylinder, giro disk rotors, Motorsports Abs, Porsche electric power steering, cup car arms, gt3 sway bars, mono bolt bushings, Jrz 3 way dampers, swift springs, gt3 front bumper, Gt3 R front fenders, gembala hood, carbon roof, fiberglass doors, rear fender flairs, fiberglass deck lid, fiberglass race wing, shorts shifter, race wheels, race seat, new belts, fire suppression, full cage (vms)

In 2022, I asked Vali Motorsports to update a few things.
Completed in 2023 :
New driver seat and a slider mount system
Added used Passenger seat and a new mount
New harnesses
Quick release for steering wheel
Recharged fire system
Oil change
New Tires
Shocks rebuilt
New windshield
Window net drivers side
Dive Planes
Dead pedal fab
New rear wing GT4 and fab mount
Touchup paint chips
Rear view mirror
Front fender vents… Total cost of $16000

It has 7 laps shake down at willow by Vali since updates.