1998 Mitsubishi Evolution 5 RS Time Attack

[ Race Car / Touring / Sports ]

Very much a no stone left unturned build. If it was a weak point in the car it has been upgraded and made stronger. Never just replaced a part always looked for a way to strengthen that part so the failure didn’t happen again. Has been Set-up well & meticulously maintained. Most components have been rebuilt/refreshed in the last year or two and hasn’t been used much since. Is a Very well accomplished circuit car in NZ with NZGT, GTRNZ and NZ Superlap Titles over the years. Always a front runner, could be run in Sport Sedans, GTRNZ, Production Race Series etc without too much trouble.

Car is currently tuned on Flex Fuel (E85/Pump and anywhere in between) making 600hp at the wheels on high boost (30psi). The car itself does not get raced on high boost it is purely used as push to pass. A best lap time of 1:05.9 at Hampton Downs was on medium boost (380kw) with push to pass on the two straights . Car is always raced on E85 and usually only raced on low boost (440hp) and sometimes medium boost (520hp) depending on what series i’m running in. The Boost can also be turned right down to minimum (5psi) to run with the likes of Improved production or Production Race Series which have specific break out times. This makes the car suitable to run with a huge range of race series. Car weighs in at 1100kg so this is a very fast car. Featured in NZ Performance Car Magazine. Tens of thousands of dollars of fab work, all the best brands of parts used, Heaps of Carbon fibre & Billet parts.


STM Built 700hp spec Evo 7 engine (First Built 2017) (refreshed with new rings, crack tested, decked, honed, bearings etc in 2020 and all looked new still)

Norris Designs Dry Sump system (all speedflow or earls fiitings & hoses over 5k worth)

O’ringed block/head sealing system (new fire rings & head gasket 2022, Cambelt and water pump replaced at the same time)

JE Forged Pistons 9.0:1 (new rings 2020)

Eagle H Beam Forged Rods

ARP Rod Bolts (replaced 2021)

Eagle Forged Crank (polished 2020 Marsh motorsport)

King race bearings (replaced 2021)

ARP Mains studs (replaced 2020)

ARP Custom age 625+ Head studs (replaced 2022)

Chromoly shank style head stud washer machined into head

Kelford TX280 Cams

Kelford nano peened valve springs & titanium retainers

DanSpeed Head porting

Tomei Cam Gears

Balance shafts removed

Fully Balanced Engine (Marsh motorsport)


Garret GTX3071R Gen2 Turbo (currently high boost is 30psi, super responsive turbo!!!)

Sinco V band exhaust manifold

Turbosmart Gen V 45mm motorsport wastegate

Custom made down pipe (3 inch stainless steel)

Custom made side exit exhaust (3.5 inch S/S Oval)

CBRE 70mm Intake manifold

Custom made 4” intake & air box & catch can

K&N Air Filter

S90 70mm Throttle Body (new 2022)

DW300 340lph in tank lift pump (new 2022)

Radium Engineering Surge Tank with Walbro Hellcat 535LPH pump

Radium Fuel Rail

Radium FPR

Fuel lines upgraded to to -6 AN.

Radium venturi jet pump kit

Injector Dynamics IDF750 Fuel Filter

Injector Dynamics ID1700x injectors (new 2022)

Aluminati injector adapters

Setrab Oil Cooler

Perm-cool power steering cooler

Power steering pump rebuilt & flow increased (2022)

Custom made radiator TSD Boron nitride coated (sits UNDER rad support panel)

12’ Spal cooling fan

Evospec Billet water pump pulley kit

Evospec Billet Idler pulley kit

Evospec Billet reverse cam sensor housing

Hypertune Billet Cam cover

R35 GTR Coils

Motion Control high output alternator (170A)

Kiggly HLA

Fenix Intercooler

Hypertune I/C Pipe clamps (no silicone hoses on intercooler)



Drenth sequential gearbox with Modena gear set (5 speed)


PPG Billet diff tube

Rebuilt & strengthened transfer case

– Cusco LSD & VCU RS 1 way (rebuilt 2022)

– Shot peened, cryo treated, super finished & stealth coated Crown wheel & pinion

RS Rear Diff (no AYC)

– ATS Rear LSD 2 way (rebuilt with new plate kit 2022)

– Super finished Crown Wheel & pinion

Evo 8 RS axles front & rear

ORC 659D Ceramic twin plate clutch

ORC chromoly flywheel

Radium Clutch fork stopper

Rebuilt, lightened & balanced driveshaft (2019)

Solid mounted Rear Diff

Solid mounted driveshaft bushings

SUSPENSION & CHASSIS:Chassis Setup & corner balanced by Squires motorsport

MCA Reds (Custom Valving, 10kg front, 11kg rear springs)

Racefab Chromoly front subframe

Custom rear subframe & stiffened rear chassis rails

Racefab Chromoly custom front suspension arms (roll center correction & to suit CT9A uprights)

Racefab Rear drop hubs (roll center correction)

Racefab bumpsteer kit (new rack ends 2022)

Evo 8 front hubs/uprights & axles (bigger, stronger bearing) (bearings replaced 2022)

Custom north/south bars with Nolathane bushes

Extensive 6 point roll cage with extra bars added

Ultra racing fender braces

Whiteline 26mm motorsport rear sway bar

Whiteline heavy duty adjustable sway bar links F&R

Hardrace rear toe arms

Hardrace rear camber arms


Brembo Evo X front brake calipers rebuilt for racing

– AP Racing Anti-knockback springs

– Stainless steel vented pistons

– High temperature seals

– Hard anodised Black

Girodisc 2-piece brake rotors F&R

– 350mm front

– 330mm rear

Honed Developments brake booster delete kit

Endless Brake pads F&R

CAD designed brake ducts fitted into front bumper vents and bolted onto rear of caliper

Goodridge braided brake lines F&R


JUN Front bumper with Canards

– Custom made bumper support mounted through to front chassis rails.

Speedhub Custom made Carbon Fibre splitter

Varis Carbon fibre Bonnet

Custom made Carbon Fibre front guards

Carbon fibre rear flare spats

Origin Lab Carbon Fibre GT rear wing blade

– CAD designed wing mounts

– CAD designed wing support (inside boot supporting to chassis)

Fibreglass bootlid

Ganador wing mirrors

6x Koya SF03 wheels (18×9 +15) with old Michelin slicks fitted

P4P Thermoformed polycarbonate windows (sides & rear)

Rennenglass heated front windscreen


INTERIOR & ELECTRICAL:Link G4+ Storm ECU with heaps of extra sensors

4 bar map sensor

Flex fuel

Lambda sensor kit

Full custom wiring loom

Dash2Pro Digital Dash with GPS lap timing

Innovate Ethanol & fuel temp gauge

Separate mechanical gauges as backups (oil pressure, RPM & Water temp

In cabin switch panel & Battery Switch

Battery relocated inside cabin

Racetech RT4009HR Seat

Sparco Steering wheel with push to pass button

Turbosmart E-boost2

(Fire Supression system May be removed depending on price offered)

Spares package includes 2x extra wheels and tyres (6 total), Spare doors, OEM Evo 5 front bumper, Fibreglass bonnet, gaurds, tail lights, side skirts, 2x transfer cases, wheel bearings, fuel components plus other smaller bits and pieces.