1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE Bridgeport 13B Microtech LT10S

[ Race Car / Classic ]

For Sale: 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE Bridgeport 13B Microtech LT10S


Flashy orange vintage racecar with a proper cage and has a CACC logbook.

You can buy insurance and put license plates on this car.

Lots of restoration and TLC done over time since I owned the car in late 2018.

This is for sale as a turnkey racing package. Do your regular track prep and it’s ready to go racing.


Asking $13,777 CAD or $10,388 USD

Comes with all spare parts, and 3 sets of wheels total. List provided below


Bronze CE28N Reps with 205/50/15 Landsails AK01 ~60% left

No name Grey set has 205/50/15 RE71R ~40% left

No name White set has 205/50/15 Hoosiers SM7.5 15HC


Last driven on track Oct 11 2021, PB of 1:19.94 around Mission, see youtube links below

Current CACC logbook, last run was September 2020

Fresh Engine rebuild less than 2000 km ago in mid 2020

Bridge Port 6 Port 13B controlled via Microtech LT-10s

Engine rebuild and tune by Shane of SNK


2021 Oct Comp Test

Front 83-92-97

Rear 84-81-83


Dyno sheet Jul2020 it put down 187rwhp at Racing Greed

New StopTech Cryo rotors up front with new DTC-60 pads front and back 2 track days ago

Low miles transmission just put in after last one blew 3rd gear, redline shock proof fluids inside

Big rear bumper muffler keeps it extremely quiet for what it is, and sounds good when cruising around. Can take off big muffler and swap on the provided tip on for track driving within 5 minutes


Poly U bushings all over, new from Jun 2020

Full car cut polished + ceramic coated Sept 2022

New rad installed + cleaned up engine bay Oct 2023

Repaint + Bunch of other quality improvements to interior Nov 2023

Already hooked up with hydro ebrake, if you are into drifting


Way too much stuffs to list, so ask questions if you are interested.

Best if you see it in person.


Spare parts list:

2x Transmissions, a) S4 FC NA, stock, b) Real GSL SE stock

StopTech Cryo rear rotors 1 pair (new)

Centric front calipers 1 pair (new)

Hawk HT10 pads Front + Back (new)

Spare fuel pump (newish used for 3 days)

Front grill (taken off to free air flow)

Fender pieces, same as body color (given to me by previous owner)

Brake ducts (new)

Starter, Alternator


Social Links for Photos and Videos: