Thunder Roadster – Priced for Fun

[ Race Car / Open Wheel ]

Looking for a dedicated track car that is more fun and less to maintain than a spec miata? you can run this in HPDE and have a blast. It is all about braking, cornering and acceleration out the corner. The car will take you a while to get comfortable near the limits. This is a “Thunder Roadster” , not a lotus.. solda as race car and bill of sale. Bullet proof high revving yamaha FJ 1250 motorcycle engine. The sequential shifter for fun and fast up and down shifts. If you are considering wheel to wheel this is a great way to get comfortable in a car and go through racing shool for a competition license. (you need a full race ready car to go through most competiotion schools) These share parts with the Legends dirt oval cars, and parts are available nationally. Tires are only ~$125 each. 2007 Thunder Roadster. New engine end clutch replaced in 2016. The engine with the slipper clutch was over $7000.00 not including labor. (no documentation from the previous owner, I purchased end of 2020) and ran a competition school, three wheel-to-wheel races, and about 8 HPDE days in the past 3 years) Items addressed in my ownership. new fire bottle. new fuel cell. replaced fuel pump, and tuned the carbs. then just brakes and rotors. very simple cars and not nothing to do with the engine as it is sealed for spec racing. Ran with NASANE in ST4. you can run in ST4 or Three with slicks, then their is a Thunder Rodster spec series as well. (most of these run the later Hybusa engine.) Cons: the body work is beat up a bit. you will notice fiberglass cracks and some tears in spots. feel free to patch it with fiberglass repair… or leave it. “Because race car”. New pannels are also available by “Toys by Tink” who runs some of the Spec series. (he has some of these Generation 1 panels, and you can always upgrade to the generation 2 panels as well) Having fun with a McLaren. He obviously let me pass and was a bit timid in the corners. but shows a good driver can hang in corners with better cars. I think he was a bit nervous with a $10,000 car getting close to his $10,000 bumper. 🙂 pocono small course. v6 gti does pass..but realizes he also has to make the turn afterward = off course Is it street legal? No, but…. with a temp tag from DMV…