Revolution A1-R

[ Race Car / Prototype ]

The Revolution A1-R is the first truly reliable and affordable sports prototype with a ful carbon safety cell. Revolution Race Cars is bringing LMP pace, technology and safety to national motorsport at sub-GT4 money.

We are the Northeast dealer for Revolution Race Cars and have allocations available for the 427 Sprint and the all-new 500 EVO as well as a variety of options on used cars. Inquire for more details on availble options.

500 EVO
Derived from two years of meticulous support and observation of 500SC dealers and customers worldwide, the 500 EVO model reflects a comprehensive understanding of how the car can be enhanced to elevate performance.  The EVO upgrades achieve the following:

– Enhanced mechanical & low-speed grip
– Finer refinement of engine power delivery characteristics
– Improved aerodynamic efficiency with balanced adjustments
– A more robust and adjustable transmission

The 500 EVO shaves off considerable lap time compared to its predecessor, simultaneously enhancing reliability and consistency over longer race distances.

427 Sprint
The 427 Sprint is where it all started, drawing 427bhp / 308ft lb out of a Ford naturally-aspirated V6, the 427 is a true thoroughbred.


Get yourself in a Revolution and join us on the grid in the Revolution Cup within the PSSA Prototype Sprint