2018 Ligier LMP3

[ Race Car / Prototype ]


2018 Chassis#117 Championship Ligier LMP3.  Fully stock and original as per 2019 IMSA specs.

Second in 2021 IMSA IPC Championship. 2021,2022,2023 IMSA HSR Prototype Champion Sprint and Enduro Series.

Maintenance up to date at the end of 2023 – new fuel cell and pump, rotors and pads, shocks re-built and suspension parts replaced as recommended.  Fuel rails/injectors cleaned, new plugs, air filter, all fluids and filters.  Gear box and clutch done. Up to date belts and fire bottle.

Spares – fully built swappable nose assembly, new engine cover spare, new floor spare.  Dive planes and cheese wedges.  All suspension spring packages. Full wing adjustment angle bracket set.  Long gear set (short stack currently in car).  4 sets of rims, roll-out tire sets (2023) slick and wet, new slicks and wets. VIP Ligier passenger and driver seat combo with passenger dead pedals and driver insert.  Original no passenger driver seat bucket and insert.

Excellent set up data.  Car needs fuel and you are ready to race!