Chillout Quantum Pro

Our Quantum Cooler series of coolers are the most powerful, portable, iceless cooling systems ever designed for auto-racing. Requiring no ice, this driver cooling system is completely maintenance free, running solely off the strength of a rotary micro-compressor that is as powerful as other compressors 5x its size.

Rated at 20 liters per minute/16 psi, this system is capable of chilling to under 35ยบ F. Max amp draw is rated at 18-22 amps, depending on installation and environmental conditions. System contains less than 1.75 oz. of freon sealed within the rotary micro-compressor system. The Quantum Pro offers many different temperature settings that support varying performance conditions. Dual 175 cfm fans help decrease amp draw, and a bright easy-to-read color digital display offering valuable information and data.

Weighing in at 10.5 lbs, the Quantum Pro is portable and hot-swappable so you can quickly move it from mounting location to mounting location within seconds. Dash mountable digital control display available for installations out of reach from the driver.

Please consider the interior temperature of your vehicle and keep in mind that ducting may be necessary for most installations for best results. Using 4 inch ducting is highly recommended and eliminates the need for a supplemental blower. 3 inch ducting is very restrictive and requires the use of a high performance (250+ cfm) blower.


  • Full color LCD display with extensive data
  • Internal bi-pass valve that eliminates the need for a coolant loop. System continues to cool the reservoir even when the shirt is disconnected dual 4 inch 175 cfm brushless fan
  • 50% larger condenser vs V2
  • 25% larger evaporator vs V2
  • LiPo / Li-ion battery support outlet at 24 volts. Supports parallel power at 12 and 24 volts simultaneously, no downtime between power sources
  • Coolant reservoir has double the capacity at 13 oz’s
  • Eco mode maintains system under 18 amps at all times
  • Carbon Fiber Mounting Plate, further reducing weight and heat-soak
  • Two flow sensors for monitoring both sides of the flow valves for easy troubleshooting and maintenance


  • Quantum Cooler Pro
  • Carbon Fiber Mounting Plate
  • Wiring Harness
  • Locking Ball Pins
  • Priming Tube


Product Weight:10.5 LBS / 4.76 kgs

Product Dimensions:
Length 12.04″ x Width 6.41″ Height 6.73″
Length 306mm x Width 163mm x Height x 171mm