Air Jack Skates: Porsche 991/992 GT3R

These Porsche air jack stand skates are made from high quality aluminum and are lightweight in construction.

These skates are specifically made for the 991.1 GT3R positions and locations.  They are designed to fit perfectly around the rear wheels and snugly to the air jacks.

These skates are used to conveniently move your car around the shop or to store it in tight area that it might not normally fit.

Simply lift your car with the air jack system, then slide in the skates and then lower the car onto the skates.  The air jacks are captured in the mounts the same way that they are for our famous double height jack stands.   You can even remove the wheels and work on the suspension while the car is on the skates.

They have hard coat anodized aluminum contact surfaces at the top and the bottom.  So, this means contact with each other, the air jack itself (if you were to bump it while you are putting up or down would still be aluminum to aluminum contact so you do not harm your jack stand skates and they remain as attractive and functional.

We have created two different versions of the skates.

Standard version works well with cars with factory stock stocks and struts.  They are also more compact and keep the center of gravity of the car lower when moving.

Extended version works well with shocks that droop further than stock shocks and struts.  They are 3/4″ taller than the standard version for that extra clearance.

For Cars: 991.1 GT3R, 991.2 GT3R, 991.2 GT2 RS EVO, 992 GT3R

2x Ø50 (front) & 2x Ø60 (rear)