2016 GT4 Clubsport

[ Race Car / Touring / Sports ]


No significant crash history, clean 981 clubsport with desirable options and accessories.  The current owner has used the car for DE and track events.  The car was raced a few times in PCA GTD1 class by the previous owner.  The car was brought into the US by Isringhausen and sold to the previous owner.  The car was supported by Autometrics Motorsports for the previous owner and by GMP for the current owner.  The livery is a wrap and is in good condition.  The car is painted a green/yellow color under the wrap.  (the European teams livery before it was brought over).

11,374 miles

Factory options: Large fuel cell, Dual Masters with adjustable bias, AC, Airjacks, P1300 seat.

Aftermarket accessories: Motec C125 Dash, Chillout cool shirt system, Aim Smarty cam, Autometrics drink bottle kit, Radio, BGB airbag kit with quarter window intakes.